Vincenzo "Vince" Moretti


Age ?
Birthplace Brooklyn
Money $?
Fate Points 6

  • Refresh Rate 6
    Physical Stress 6
    Composure Stress 5


  • “Brooklyn, baby. Born and raised.”
  • “When I was in the joint…”
  • “Fuck you, pay me.”
  • “No women, no kids. Anyone else, fuck ‘em. They shouldn’t have got in the way.”
  • “If I have to ask you again, it’s gonna get ugly.”
  • “Motherfucking cops…”
  • “My Aunt Mimi’s a saint, and what a fucking lasagna she makes!”


  • Con Man: Substitute Deceit for Empathy when trying to perform an Assessment to discover what Aspects a person could have.
  • Wrestler: Gain a +1 bonus to grappling related rolls, such as when attempting to push, pull, throw, restrain, pin or trip another.
  • One Hand on the Wheel: Driving while doing some other action normally results in a -1 penalty. With this Stunt, you don’t suffer that penalty, regardless of whether you are rolling Drive (driving is your primary action, and the supplemental action is something minor), or rolling some other Skill (you’re taking some other primary action, but keeping the vehicle on the road isn’t all that challenging, allowing driving to be the supplemental action). Your Drive Skill can never be used to restrict another Skill, only complement it.
  • Shadow: Gain a +1 bonus on all rolls to follow or sneak up on another person unseen.


  • Fists great +4
  • Weapons good +3
  • Might good +3
  • Intimidation fair +2
  • Guns fair +2
  • Endurance fair +2
  • Stealth average +1
  • Drive average +1
  • Burglary average +1
  • Deceit average +1



Vince was born in Brooklyn, the only son of Italian immigrants. When he was two years old, his mother was hit by a car and killed. His father, overcome by grief, turned to booze and became an angry and bitter man. Luckily, Vince’s Aunt Mimi – his father’s sister – moved in and helped raise him. She also did the best she could to keep Vince’s father from becoming too abusive towards him, but as Vince grew older his relationship with his father became even worse. Their arguments now typically ended with violence.

When Vince was around thirteen years old, he dropped out of school and started hanging out with a bad crowd. their activities were relatively innocent at first – mostly shoplifting and getting into fights – but as the years went by they started holding up stores, breaking into houses, and boosting cars. Eventually, Vince’s luck ran out, and he ended up serving time for armed robbery and assault.

While in prison, Vince met Joe “Bag of Bones” DeFranco. He got to know Joe fairly well and would get his back in a fight or confrontation. When Joe was released, he told Vince to look him up when he got out. Now that Vince has served his time, he’s eager to meet up with Joe and see if the job offer still stands.

Vincenzo "Vince" Moretti

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